20 Sept.–14. Nov. 21

Opening: 20 Sept 21, from 06 pm
Opening Hours 12–06 pm
(from 04th of Oct 21 on Request)
In his work Samuel Bron (*1994, Zurich) discusses the processes of transformation originating in media culture. His large-scale acrylic paintings are the manifestation of a double abstraction. They are the painterly result of global affairs perceived through headlines and press photography. Yet they also represent the balancing act between ephemerality and fixation on an aesthetic level. The figuration disappears while absolute and immovable pixels take over. Bron transforms press images into colourist paintings. Working in the same principle as an inkjet printer, he reproduces line by line the information transmitted in the CMYK codes. Still his artistic gesture permeates the entire process, from the selection of the press image to the final painting, which thus becomes an iconic witness of the pandemic year experienced mostly through screens.

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